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PrettyMouth – New Rival

“PrettyMouth” , to the innocent, or unguarded, might conjure that very human trait that endears an individual to humanity as a whole. The sweetness of a smile that all-at-once offers sanctuary and sustenance in a frightening world. Another sentiment, and a far more common one, that the name might evoke is the lusty curl of another’s lips; flush, plump, red with blood, the glistening , wet gates of a watering mouth. This example is universal when eyes meet vestiges seemingly crafted specifically to share with the observer any number of consensual activities. PrettyMouth is one band, in a grand tradition of American rock bands. Where (what you might call) tragedy, is just as much about victory, and lament strides hand-in-hand with elation. Marie Litton writes and performs these songs alongside cellist/guitarist Lief Sjostrom, Bassist Benjamin Williams, and Drummer Jed “The Kid from Deliverance” Kopp.