Faster Than Light Fest – a SXSW homecoming @ 7th Circle Music Collective

A bunch of bands are heading back from playing at SXSW and are in Denver the same day! Can you do a fest on a Tuesday? Is 7 bands a “fest”? I don’t know the answers to these questions but I do know that it will ROCK.

There are 4 touring bands on this show so we are asking a suggested $12-15 donation instead of the usual 7-10. We don’t intend that to be an admission price, just suggesting that if you have some cash to give, this is a pretty good show to do it at! No one will be turned away for lack of cash, so if you want to come but can only afford to donate $5 or $3 or something, don’t be discouraged, please come! It will be starting at 5 PM. All Ages as always. No bigots or buttheads.

Here are the bands that are playing:

Runaway Brother – Cleveland, Ohio – Catchy, riffy, keyboard forward

ALIEN BOY – Portland, Oregon – gothy, pop punk, lotta spunk –

Closer is a Band – Brooklyn, New York – thoughtful, melodic screamo

Granddad – Alaska/Minnesota – twinkly emo/punky partiers

Old Sport – Denver, Colorado – post-hardcore, indie rock screamies

Blue Lane Frontier – Denver, Colorado – fun and engaging, punky indie rock

obtuse – Denver, Colorado – emo punk college rock



Tuesday, March 20, 5 PM @ Seventh Circle Music Collective!

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