IMPORTANT Parking Information @ Seventh Circle

IMPORTANT: Please share this so your friends see it too: Severn Pl, the street that runs behind 7th Circle, on the other side of the Denver Public Schools parking lots, is no longer somewhere our show attendees are allowed to park. This is almost certainly due to people parking over there overnight after shows, and also leaving a mess of cans, bottles, and other trash on Denver Public Schools’ property. These are our neighbors, and we need to respect them and their property in order for 7th Circle to exist for years to come. Please only park on 7th Avenue from now on, don’t trespass in our neighbors’ parking lots, and for god’s sake, don’t trash the streets and sidewalks around the place. That’s rude and disrespectful to our neighbors, and to 7th Circle’s volunteers, because we have to clean up your mess in order to keep the neighbors happy if you make a mess in the first place. This place takes teamwork to stay open, and a huge part of that is all of us respecting the neighborhood when we come here for shows. Please make yourself accountable for your behavior, and keep your friends in check too. This is crucial to our future here.