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Please contact Tiffany Cronick or Tim Lutes with any questions or concerns.



The Basics

Seventh Circle Music Collective - Default Image

Seventh Circle is a small house and garage in West Denver that hosts a record store, venue space, practice space and multi-use art space. The space is run by a collective of like-minded people who donate their time, equipment and expertise to running shows and keeping the spirit of DIY alive and well in Denver.

If you’re interested in joining the collective, check out that “Join” link up top. If you or your band would like to play at Seventh Circle, please email SCMCDenver@gmail.com or fill out our booking inquiry form.

Seventh Circle Music Collective is a safe space and open to all. You will not be judged based on your race, sex, gender presentation or identity, ability, religion, sexual orientation, country of origin, language or citizen status. We can’t wait to see you!


  1. 01 Red Tigers Gray 3:15
  2. Royal Coast Ponder the Albatross 5:13
  3. Wounded JSR 3:02
  4. boxes Ludlow 4:20
  5. Brass Tacks Doc Rotten 3:52
  6. Danger Days Slap Happy 2:26
  7. Therapy The Wannabes 3:18