Thanks for looking to book your band at 7th Circle! 
We are super stoked to hear from you. If you haven’t booked a band since before Covid, you’ll notice we are doing things a little differently these days.
To inquire about booking a specific genre of show, please hit up some of our booking collective members:
Crust/D-beat/Death Metal/Hardcore/Skramz/Punk/Metal 
Pop-punk/Leftist Oi!/Leftist street punk/New band showcases
emo/surf punk/post punk/noise/hardcore
Techno of all varieties/Noise/Dark Electronic/Power Electronics/Punk-leaning Electronic
Punk/Psychedelic/Garage/Surf/Deathrock/Goth/Synth punk/Sludge
Queer bands/Drag/Femme & Trans artists/Metal/Punk
Shoegaze/Emo/Garage rock/Heavier indie stuff/Grunge/Post punk
Hardcore/Punk/Metal and all of its subgenres / Indie /Emo/Skramz/Post-anything / General rock/Folk/Acoustic/Country/Weirdo/Noise/Avant-garde / “General Music” / anything else
If your genre-specific booking collective member doesn’t reply within a week, feel free to hit up one of the “general genre” people and we’ll see what we can do. Feel free to follow up with us if we are slow to reply.
Also, we book shows about 3 months in advance here, so if you’re emailing any earlier than 3 months prior to your requested show date, you may not get a reply, and please feel absolutely free to follow up again when we’re 3 months out from your date.
If you simply don’t get a reply from any of us, chances are no one is available to book/run your show on the date you need. It’s nothing personal, we still love you! We’re just working in a very reduced capacity, especially compared to how things used to be before 2020, and the honest truth is that we simply can’t book every show. In that case, please see the below list of other venues / promoters in Denver to try, and hopefully one of them will be able to help you with your show.

If we cannot accommodate your show/date, feel free to contact one of these other awesome venues around town! 


Hi-Dive: /


Moe’s Original: //

Cervantes’ / The Other Side:

Swinging Noose Productions (various venues):

Herman’s Hideaway:

Lost Lake:

Larimer Lounge:

Globe Hall:

The Oriental Theater: //

The Walnut Room: //

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