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September 22, 2019 @ 12:30 pm

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Round #2 of our 7-year anniversary celebration!! We’ve booked an incredible lineup of music: some friends from the Blast-O-Mat days, some from the early days of 7th Circle, some from the current amazing days of 7th Circle, and most of all, SO many of our current volunteers’ bands, who are absolutely making this scene worth being a part of.

JSR – Fun fact, Alex named 7th Circle! – https://jsrdenver.bandcamp.com

Sliver – Sliver doesn’t suck: https://sliver2.bandcamp.com/releases

Arctobog: https://arctobog.bandcamp.com

Curtis T and the Duffel Bag Boys: https://curtistandtheduffelbagboys.bandcamp.com

Caustic Soda: https://causticsoda.bandcamp.com/releases

The Slacks: https://theslacksmusic.bandcamp.com

Unit-Y: https://unit-y.bandcamp.com

Pinetree Janitorial Service: https://open.spotify.com/album/7ojD34mFSJiHtAKtyQqGUU?si=jAXQxB9gQ32yVP1D-FU5OQ

American Psychonaut: https://americanpsychonaut.com

Astral Planes: https://astralplanesco.bandcamp.com

Also, at the end of the night, bring your crickets and your U-hauls, because Hellspoon and Activate Boner are going to properly ring us into our 8th year of celebrating total creative freedom.

Plus one more secret band! Stay tuned….

12:30pm doors, 1pm music, $7 to $10 donations, all ages!


September 22, 2019
12:30 pm
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  1. 01 Red Tigers Gray 3:15
  2. Royal Coast Ponder the Albatross 5:13
  3. Wounded JSR 3:02
  4. boxes Ludlow 4:20
  5. Brass Tacks Doc Rotten 3:52
  6. Danger Days Slap Happy 2:26
  7. Therapy The Wannabes 3:18