Dada Veda in Denver

Dada Veda will play a set of “Country & Eastern Music”: original songs which fuse the wisdom of yoga with the rhythms of folk, country and rock. Dada also adds classic folk, rock and country favorites to the mix.

Dada Veda is a singer-songwriter and meditation-yoga teacher. Originally from New York, he has performed and taught in more than thirty countries and is currently based in the Urbana, Illinois. Dada’s music fuses the wisdom of yoga with the rhythms of folk, rock and country music. In 2002 Dada began composing his own songs and has released six CDs since then. Dada performs in clubs, bars, coffee houses, yoga studios and in social service venues where he gives concerts to senior citizens and children with disabilities.

“Dada Veda has performed numerous times… through the City of Urbana’s Public Arts Program. Dada’s music is participatory, uplifting, and engaging. He can awaken the hearts of audience members old and young through music that speaks to the soul and builds community. Dada’s work is that of forging harmonies–musically, socially, and inter culturally.” –Rachel Storm, City of Urbana Public Arts Coordinator

“Spiritually inspired, Globally-tinged Folk and Americana music is what you’ll find on “Love Is The Best,” Dada’s second album overall. He seamlessly melds the rhythms of rock, country and Americana folk with the ancient wisdom of Yoga, bringing together such disparate strains to create a remarkable, eclectic music collection.” Michael Lohr, New Renaissance Magazine