Lehnen (Austria) / hubris. (Switzerland) / Only Echoes / Grather Way – post-rock / post-metal / screamo

All Ages
$12-$15 donations, plus $5 annual 7th Circle membership if you don’t already have one
No booze, no drugs, respect the space, respect the volunteers, respect each other
Founded in the heart of Austria in 2006, Lehnen make aggressive and beautiful rock music. Their last two releases, “I See Your Shadow” (2013) and “Reaching Over Ice and Waves” (2015), saw the band share stages with the likes of Russian Circles, Boris, Junius, Tides from Nebula, Pillars, and Pray for Sound, while touring with bands such as Caspian and InAeona.
The fear of failing keeps many living in unwanted patterns. In an increasingly digital world, that is simultaneously connected and disconnected, we often struggle to find our place in the bigger picture. In the face of social constructs and expectations, time draws on. Regardless of whether we change or accept our fate, the slate can never truly be wiped clean. However, we can choose how to fill the remaining space.
With roaring, caustic distortion, and calming ambience, Lehnen’s fifth studio album, “Negative Space”, explores these concepts without pulling any punches – or giving many answers. Rather, it raises questions and peers into the abyss of depression, if only to proclaim that no one has to feel alone.
“Negative Space” is out via Noise Appeal Records (EU) and Post. Recordings (USA) on September 17th, 2021.
“hubris.” is a Swiss post-rock band originating from Fribourg. Formed in 2014, the instrumental quartet is characterised by their original style which blends an experimental touch of post-rock, electronica atmosphere and some elements of the metal scene.
They draw their inspiration from bands like Jakob, This Will Destroy You, Tides of Man orJon Hopkins amongst others. With their style evoking introspection, hubris. characterise themselves with the length of their compositions, allowing a range of evolving emotions through softness and power.
Sometimes compared with other artists like Sigur Rós or Long Distance Calling, the band calls forth emotions of its audience due to a heterogeneous musical landscape mixing poetic ambiance and raw energy.
On the 2nd of May 2015, hubris. released their first opus “Emersion” along-side the New Zealander post-rock band Jakob. The album was well-received by various medias outlets, obtaining several reviews from webzines and newspaper as well as being aired on multiple radio stations.
In April 2017, hubris. came out with a second album called “Apocryphal Gravity”. This album sports a brand new set of colours. Their musical approach took a new turn with a drastic change in their method of composing. The band sets forth a musical style rarely explored to this day, breaching pre-established post-rock conventions by incorporating electronica influences. This album was critically acclaimed and aroused the interest of more than a million eager listeners on the internet as well as being the subject of many press articles.

Local support from Only Echoes and Grather Way.