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Ryan’s Pity Party/Benefit: GoG/OSDY/Berated/OnlyEchoes/Urn/+

November 10, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 11:59 pm

From the end of August of last year until the beginning of October I was hospitalized 3 times. Unfortunately I had a lapse in health insurance coverage during that August. I am still dealing with insurance companies and hospitals and waiting for my final bill, one year later. I had a lot of awesome people reach out about helping me/doing a benefit show when I told them what was going on. I am very fortunate to have the kind of friends that I do. It was hard to find a date that didn’t conflict with any large shows on a weekend in Denver. Let’s just have a party.

There will be art for sale/raffle from various friends.
If you’d like to play or donate art please dm me.



No longer playing, check them out anyways:

Details on what happened:
I went into the ER with pain in my stomach and shoulder and a fever of 105. The shoulder pain was referred pain from an enlarged spleen pressing against my diaphragm everytime I would breath in. My spleen grew to ~20cm (the size of a chipotle burrito), when your spleen is supposed to be the size of your fist. My first day in the hospital, they found a “vegetation” growing on my heart valve. So, I was put on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks through a picc line. In addition to this I was sent home with subcutaneous blood thinners that I would inject into my stomach. This “vegetation” was never identified (I was diagnosed with “culture-negative endocarditis”) but I needed to have heart surgery to replace or repair the damaged valve. I overheard the neurologist in the hallway talking to his colleagues about how he’d never seen someone so excited to have heart surgery (I was stoked they identified that there was something wrong with me that was fixable). I eventually had to have my spleen removed due to multiple infarctions that had progressed into a laceration (I was internally bleeding but it was a contained bleed) which put me at a high risk of rupture (they told me that a hard stop in a car with my seat belt on might do it). When they had told me this, I had finally stopped taking my pain killers, which I had been on for about a month at this point. This was a Friday though, so instead of doing an emergency surgery, they did a preemptive surgery they called an “embolization” using interventional radiology. This surgery was awesome. I had to be conscious for it since I needed to control my breathing for the imaging. They were listening to depeche mode, the cure, the smiths, etc as I watched them run a metal wire up through my femoral artery and block certain blood vessels in my spleen. Unfortunately after the anesthetics wore off it was a pretty rough weekend until they removed my spleen that monday through an open splenectomy (which means they took my spleen out whole through one large incision instead of in pieces through about 7 small incisions which is normal). I was excited for this surgery because I thought it would end the nausea and pain I was experiencing. Instead it was probably the most painful experience of my life. I did nothing for four days. My pain wasn’t controlled well. I was on 10mg of oxy every 4 hours for a month prior and then all of a sudden they were trying to give me 5mg after they cut me in half. Then in January I had heart surgery. It was a walk in the park. I was in and out of the hospital in 3 days. I’ve been back in the hospital since then for a bowel obstruction due to the way that the splenectomy scar had healed. Fortunately they didn’t have to do another surgery. The plan is for me to get an infusion once a month for the rest of my life. Thanks for reading.


November 10, 2018
6:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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  1. 01 Red Tigers Gray 3:15
  2. Royal Coast Ponder the Albatross 5:13
  3. Wounded JSR 3:02
  4. boxes Ludlow 4:20
  5. Brass Tacks Doc Rotten 3:52
  6. Danger Days Slap Happy 2:26
  7. Therapy The Wannabes 3:18