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Come Join Our Collective!

Seventh Circle Music Collective is so much more than a DIY music venue. This space houses a genuine collective and community. A community that is always growing and always happy to welcome new members! We always need people who feel they can contribute to the collective or who just want to be a part of something fun, exciting and full of music.

If you’re not sure if you are able to contribute, here are a list of ways people can help:

Running shows either at the sound booth or checking IDs at the door.
Helping with general upkeep around the space (there is always a “home improvement” project in need of doing)
Managing and monitoring this website
Booking shows
Playing shows
Graphic Design
Studio Sound Engineering

Plus a whole bunch of stuff we don’t normally consider. Running a DIY space is multi-faceted and so much fun. If you think you have a skill that will help us make our community better, offer it up!

You can request to join by filling out the form below. You’ll get an email once you’re approved.

From there, you will need to attend a meeting to get introduced to everyone and get an idea of our mission, plus ask any questions you might have. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get code access to the building and be able to sign up to help run shows. You’ll also have met the people who run things like the booking, AV Club, basement practice space, etc and you’ll be able to participate in every element of our fantastic collective!

We’re really excited to have you.
<3- Seventh Circle Music Collective

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  1. 01 Red Tigers Gray 3:15
  2. Royal Coast Ponder the Albatross 5:13
  3. Wounded JSR 3:02
  4. boxes Ludlow 4:20
  5. Brass Tacks Doc Rotten 3:52
  6. Danger Days Slap Happy 2:26
  7. Therapy The Wannabes 3:18